Character Creation

Character creation may commence.

Please give some thought to your characters and to what they do. While this environment is designed to be flexible, please consider your archetype.

Archetypes are your friend (swiped from Pebbles)

The archetype is a storytellers tool. You play positively with knowledge that the reader or player has about something. And it shortens a lot of telling details that can be covered with an archetype. After you used it, you put some love in it for color. Something that makes him special.

“Kowalski is a typical Rent-A-Cop gone bust. He got stranded on the street after a streak of bad luck and now tries to get away as a Private Detective. Unfortunately, he has trouble with that role due to his little alcohol problem.”

You serve the archetype without making it a stereotype. It is no fun if you degrade a character to a living stereotype and heap every prejudice on him that you can get hold of. There is a point where you can spoil the archetype and where you start being lazy while you just serve a platitude. The gay coiffeur may still be an archetype, but if you make him a camp, make him an elf, give him a model as his boy friend and give him combat paralysis and just attitude and nothing else, you’ve overdone it. He has become nothing more than a living bias, not a character. There is nothing anyone would expect from him anymore. He’s just a comic relief guy. A joke. Not a character.

Rule one of character creation: put love in it.

Make a believable character. A good way to think about it is to ask yourself this question: If I saw this character in a movie or book, would I believe it? Or would it break my suspension of disbelief? If you can’t answer yes and no to those two questions respectively, then you need to redesign the character.

This is true for the character as it is true for qualities. Don’t heap them on each other.

This is true for metahuman races too.

These races are actually nothing new for a storyteller. They each represent a special kind of character just giving it some visual and overdrawn aspects. The tough guy is the ork. The tragic guy, the drama queen or just the noble man is the elf. The crafty and sly but a bit helpless in the real world is the dwarf. The obese character, the monstrous thing that comes out of the bad side of the trailer park is the troll.

Respect the races, don’t mess with the rules.

Don’t make a sneaky troll. I know, the rules allow it. Forget the rules. You cannot tell me that a troll can sneak up from behind you without you noticing. And don’t misuse the game mechanic to make it happen. Just respect the races and their roles in storytelling. If you want to build the sneaky guy, stick to a human or an elf. Likewise, it is possible to make an intelligent troll, but there is a reason he has restrictions on it. Understand why. This is the archetype. Don’t break this mighty tool of storytelling by declaring him super intelligent, putting exceptional attribute on logic and fuck him up with cyberware to make him a cyber logician. It’s not funny. Nobody will believe it. You haven’t created a character, you have created a freak.

Don’t max out strength and body on something like an elf. Don’t give your character attributes “just because you can”. Build a character and not a sheet of paper with no meaning.

The race is an additional archetype tool. Respect it as this.

Build characters, not freaks. Use archetypes, don’t misuse them as stereotypes. Put love in it, work out the “but” and the “and”, but don’t overdo it. Make the character work, make them believable. Put him into a situation that is explainable and believable from his background. Make the background fit his set of skills. Give him interests, that tell the reader what this character does if he is not working like mad. What he loves, what he likes. What you would buy him as a present for his birthday. What you would do with him to spend a nice evening.

Once your character is created, please get the character sheet into here and work on your backstory. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but I would like some backstory for each character. This can be done on the character’s page itself.


Any of the five default races are permitted without further approval. If you wish to play something else, you must provide the following :

1. Any rule information I need to adjudicate the playing of that race.
2. A good back story/explanation as to where you came from, why you are in Seattle, and why you chose to become a shadowrunner.
3. A good explanation of what is special about the race you wish to play which cannot be fulfilled with one of the default races.

Character Creation

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