Dice Rolling

Dice are designed to be random-number generators. They do a pretty good job of that, generally. To that end, if possible, I prefer if players roll actual dice to generate stats or do other things in the course of gameplay. I will have a bunch of spare dice which may be used.

Due to the fact that this game makes heavy use of d6 dice, I recommend that players have at least 10d6 available for game. Although I am willing to work with players who want to use electronic dice rollers, I would prefer the use of actual dice with or without dice towers/corrals. We have at least two additional dice towers present at the house which can be assembled for rolling.

Be aware that we will be rolling large numbers of dice at a time. From a brief look at the game, those dice will all be d6s. It is therefore unnecessary to bring any other dice (although you certainly can if you want).

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Dice Rolling

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