House Rules

House Rules for Project Emerald Sun

This is a game. It is meant to be fun. Anything which causes the game to be un-fun will be squashed outright.

XP is earned for various things. I do not guarantee that players will all receive the same XP. You cannot gain XP if you are not at game, and if your character is not present for the encounter, your character will not gain XP for it. This means that if two characters are off fighting a basilisk and the rest of the party is drinking a beer in the nearby village’s tavern, only the two characters fighting the basilisk will get XP for it. Also note that this means that, while killing something may gain XP, it’s also possible that doing something other than killing it could possibly gain more, depending on the situation.

Rule of Cool
If something is awesome, and yet the rulebook says nothing about it, don’t assume it’s not allowed – give me your pitch and we’ll work something out.

If we don’t know how something works, I’ll make a ruling that seems appropiate off the top of my head and then after the session we can address it in more detail.

If something looks like it will break the game, I reserve the right to overrule it.

I would like all characters to be loaded into Obsidian Portal for review by me as needed.

Pun-Pun is the over-deity of Cheese, Exploits, and Metagaming. Pun-Pun is aware that he is a god in a fictional gaming world. Anyone that slips something past me in an attempt to break the game will bring down his wrath. He is jealous of his ultimate power, and will personally act to prevent any player/character from approaching it.

We are not playing Shadowrun. Instead, we are playing the closely related derivative game called Erik’s Game. The ramifications of this are that if a rulebook and the DM disagree, the DM generally wins. You are welcome to disagree with a DM Call at anytime. You get 1 minute (timed) to make your case, and then I will rule on it again. At that point, the matter is settled until the session is over, since more argument takes time and we’d all rather play.

Please make characters able to work together. Characters that will banter and argue are okay. Characters with viewpoints so utterly irreconcilable that they will inevitably split up after the third session are not. Characters that will break into an all-out free-for-all firefight five minutes after introductions are only allowed if we’re playing Paranoia.

Characters dying due to no fault of the player will be replaced through rolling up a character at the same level as the lowest member of the party. Characters replaced through character retirement or through blatant stupidity clearly caused by a player death wish will be replaced one level lower than the lowest level currently in the party.

I am not malevolent. I am not out to kill characters. For the most part, the dice do that. That said, if characters do something stupid, expect them to suffer for it.

Practical optimization is allowed, and even encouraged. It allows me to generate more interesting encounters for the party. However, if you are going to optimize your character, it will be necessary to explain your cheese to everyone in the party (including the DM) so that we understand what you can do.

House Rules

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