Experience in most RPGs is a mechanic by way to manage character levels, skills, and abilities. The more experience a character gets, the higher the level and therefore the more skills and abilities they can have. Since this is true, I have a few rules regarding experience to apply here.

1. Experience is earned for various actions and activities. Experience is usually earned through confict of some sort, although that conflict need not be related to physical violence. Sometimes, more XP may be available for avoiding conflict than for entering combat.

2. In order to gain experience for an activity, a character needs to be somehow involved in that activity. A decker who sits in the car and waits while a firefight goes on wouldn’t get XP for that, but then neither would a party who sits watch while the decker battles black ice in the net. If your character is not present, then they gain nothing.

3. If you are not present at a game (either physically or electronically) then neither is your character. Due to the nature of this game, it’s relatively easy to explain a character being not present.

4. Players choosing to write character narratives (logs, backgrounds, reports to some unknown (to the party) superior, etc.) between games may receive XP for additional roleplay. Note, however, that it will not be possible to level up solely by writing these narratives.

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